Credit Issues

Credit Score Factors - Do you know what makes up your credit score? Payment History & Balances on your credit make for the 65% of your credit score!
Length of your credit history is also a big part in that.
Did you know, if your in the "good - excellent" range of credit ( anything 680 and above) lenders tend to be a little more lenient when it's time to apply for a mortgage.
Take a look at the chart below.. do you know your credit rating? Did you know you can do 1 free credit pull on yourself, 1 time a year through Equifax.. It's always important to know your credit, especially before trying to apply for a large loan... like a mortgage!

Generally speaking, the better your credit rating, the more options you may have available to you. However, a less than perfect credit rating doesn't always have to mean the difference between owning and not owning a home. While financing for this is a little different in securing, I am familar with many different types of financing and many different lenders to be able to help. Credit